In our preschool, we encourage a joy of learning, creativity, initiative, and a sense of responsibility. Our goal is for children to develop inner controls, healthy self-esteem, and a love for learning.

In our pre-kindergarten, art, music, language arts, social studies, math, science, and French are included in the curriculum in ways that encourage each child’s active participation.

Children in our pre-kindergarten begin to explore our Mt. Vernon neighborhood with walks to Mt. Vernon Park for examining the fountains, gardens, statues, and architecture, while looking for signs of the seasons.

Programs of Study

Language Arts

Children begin to recognize letter symbols, to write their names, to listen for letter sounds, rhymes, and word families, and to retell a story.


Children begin to recognize number symbols, patterns, and graphs, count to 10, and learn the days of the week and the months of the year.


Children have hands-on discovery activities through different themes.

Visual Arts

Children find there is a process for creativity, practice following directions, and learn to use art tools.


Children Sing, Laugh, and Dance.

Social Studies

Children learn about the world around them, in the neighborhood and the school community.


Children can experience a different language!

Physical Education

Children learn to use their large motor skills through games and yoga.