Within their self-contained classroom, kindergarteners and 1st graders develop their fundamental skills in language arts, mathematics, and social studies. Through phonics instruction and children’s literature, our program nurtures a love of reading, literature, and poetry. Deliberate modeling and instruction help students become fluent writers, careful listeners and effective speakers.

Children learn and practice math skills, concepts, and procedures through a variety of instruction and strategies and activities.

Small classes give teachers the flexibility to adjust the pace and instruction to meet individual needs.

Programs of Study


Children gather around the piano in the Music classroom, creating patterns and rhythms with their hands and various instruments.

Visual Arts

Children look forward to their weekly Art/Math class. Using an array of media and activities, math skills and concepts are reinforced through art.


Children go to the science lab to observe, manipulate, experiment, analyze, discover, learn facts and develop their understanding of concepts and principles.


Children learn the fundamentals of computer programming and coding through an age appropriate approach.


Children use a variety of tools, resources, instructional methods, and assessments to provide the appropriate challenges and support to achieve proficiency.

Physical Education

Children walk to the Eubie Blake National Jazz Institute and Cultural Center where they enjoy physical education and yoga classes.

Language Arts

Children build a strong foundation in phonics and literal comprehension. Students build vocabulary skills, handwriting, spelling words, sentence structure, grammar and paragraph structure.


Children have the opportunity to experience a different language through vocabulary, conversation and songs.